Miracle CS

Accounting Software

"Miracle CS"


“Runs faster, Costs less, and never breaks”

Miracle-CS is specialized product for Cold Storage & Ware housing. It is a versatile software solution that cuts down reports generation time and increases the quality and accuracy of information.

Miracle-CS provides up-to-date information regarding the Account and Stock Position & Information regarding the availability of floor in various chambers can be obtained at any point of time, just by pressing few keys.


Entry Options

  • Receipt Entry
  • Issue Entry (Gate Pass)
  • Auto Rent Bill (Calculation From issue entry by issue date)
  • Stock Transfer Entry


  • Receipt/Issue Registers

Special Reports

  • Khedut wise/Location wise Report
  • Party wise Stock Report
  • Tractor/Vehicle wise Report
  • Chamber/Floor wise Stock Report

Accounting Features

  • Bank/Cash Quick Entry
  • Automatic Journal Entry Option
  • Account Statement
  • Cash Book/Bank Book/Day Book
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Memorandum Voucher & PDC
  • Bill to Bill Payment/Receipt Facility
  • Billwise Receivable/Payable Report
  • Audit Feature
  • Cost Center
  • Free Format Collection Letter
  • Monthly Outstanding Report
  • Sale/Purchase Register
  • Balance Sheet Report
  • Daily Status Report
  • Cashflow/Fundflow Report
  • 3 Years Data Comparison with Net-Profit/Gross-Profit Percentage
  • 3 Years Sales/Purchase Analysis

GST Related Facilities

  • HSN Number Facility
  • E-way Bill Facility
  • GSTR 1, GSTR 2, GSTR 3B etc… E-Returns
  • Excel/JSON Integration for E-Return
  • GST Registers
  • GST Integrity Tool

User Friendly Tools

  • SMS Facility
  • E-Mail Facility
  • M-Search Facility
  • M-Desktop Icon
  • Ticker Facility
  • Cheque Printing Facility
  • Android/iOS Report
  • Auto Backup Facility
  • Multi Language Facility
  • Multi Window &Multi-Tasking Facility
  • Address Book

Special Utilities

  • Multiple Bill from Challan
  • Groupwise Voucher Number Prefix
  • Interest Calculation for OD/CC A/c
  • Userwise Multi Level Security
  • Data freeze
  • Data Import/Export Facility
  • Data Backup/Report/Voucher Format E-mail Facility
  • Voucher Format Export to Different Format (Excel/Word/PDF/Image etc.)
  • Report Export to Different Format (Excel/Word/PDF etc.)
  • Secure Backup Against Ransomware Facility
  • Tally Import (Only Master/Master & Transaction)
  • ICICI Bank Connected Banking Payment Facility