Miracle Report App

Accounting Software

"Miracle Android & iOS App"

“Miracle Report” is an Android & iOS Mobile application for the Miracle users. Miracle Report app is developed with the latest features and user-friendly theme.

Theusers can synchronize the Miracle data whenever they want.The basic concept of the application is to track the financial transaction and handy whenever needed.


Features which we can sync.

  • Account Ledger
  • Product Ledger (Stock)
  • Account Receivable (Outstanding)
  • Account Payable
  • Address Book
  • City wise Bar Chart for Receivable and Payable

Notable / Striking/ Remarkable features

  • View and Share PDF: View and Share PDF of Account Ledger, Product Ledger, A/c. Receivable, A/c. Payable Easily Share PDF via WhatsApp and E-Mail
  • SMS Facility: Directly send SMS of Pending Receivable amount of the party. A pre-defined SMS will be Automatically Drafted with Pending Amount.
  • Send Collection Letter Directly send Collection Letter of A/c. Receivable in PDF Format via WhatsApp and E-Mail.

Other features

  • Total Amount of Receivable/Payable on Desktop
  • Font Setting in Report
  • Enhancement of Address Book